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Assessing the Impact of Deferred Elective Procedures During COVID-19

Outside of questions related to the direct care for COVID-19 positive patients, the topic most frequently brought to me and my team during this pandemic surrounds the tremendous loss in revenue seen for health systems across the country as elective cases have been deferred. With states across the country in various stages of opening for elective procedures, many of our partner systems are still looking to model out potential deferment, while at the same time put together a recovery plan to try to bring in as many of these cases as they’re able in order to salvage what they can during the current fiscal or calendar year.

Our focus has been combining an assessment of volumes and revenue impact figures with a true operational strategy to recover as much deferred activity as possible. Utilizing claims data, we can understand a health system’s estimated deferred caseload, seasonal expected output, and staff most affected by delayed scheduling. With that, we can understand what kind of ground a system must make up to see minimal bottom line impact.

That type of opportunity assessment, though, is only valuable if fed into a true action plan for a system to implement. With Pivotal’s database of operational capabilities, we can marry the data-focused assessment with clear next steps for health system leadership. We are able to utilize a full mapping of system assets, KPU requirements for all deferred procedures, staffing requirements to bring clinical leadership, and a true understanding of specialty planning (especially in light of the need for continued treatment of COVID-19 patients).

What we have been able to accomplish with our Pivotal partners is a realistic plan for volume and financial recovery as elective cases are available to offer. By combining claims analytics with operational and staffing requirements we have created a template for systems to use to understand not just what they are up against but how to push forward and overcome the situation presented by this pandemic.

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