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It’s Time to be Agile: Planning for the Future of Healthcare

As we move into the second half of the calendar year, we’re seeing more health systems return to their strategic priorities laid out at the beginning of the year. They are operating in a dual system of care as while attempting to move their organizations forward as had been intended before the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.

What we are witnessing with many of our partners is a new normal where many traditional strategic decisions are now back on the table, but there is an extra layer of caution attached to each initiative. Margins are thinner than ever, capital budgets are strained, and in regions across the country, leaders are bracing for spikes in COVID-19 cases.

Two words that we are hearing over and over are objectivity and agility – the need to be making clear decisions based on data while also remaining flexible considering these uncertain times. Through Pivotal, we feel uniquely equipped to support health systems as they contend with those two goals. In Pivotal’s infancy, our goals were clear on how we’d offer insight to our partners: we’d seek to partner with someone who had the greatest history and expertise working with medical claims data, and we’d create a solution founded on dynamism and scenario planning so that rapid adjustments could be made to build consensus and make decisions efficiently.

Pivotal Geospatial Information System Map

The first part of that effort led us to Optum, whose deep well of data and history of working with claims made them a clear leader in the space. Optum has the largest claims repository in the country; but more than that, their data science team has more experience working with claims and health care data than anyone else in the industry by a wide margin. Optum’s team essentially created this market over 10 years ago. It is that knowledge base, understanding the capabilities and limitations of data, that made Optum an attractive partner to our team, and it’s why we are confident in the complex assessments we have enabled within Pivotal.

Pivotal is grounded in strong data which serves as the basis for objective insights that planners can use today to make important decisions that will reap early rewards in the months ahead. Beyond that baseline, Pivotal also allows planners to set a foundation for any market transformation in the future.

Interested in the future of health care planning? Join Pivotal and Optum for our upcoming webinar on July 29th at 12PM EDT.


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