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Pivotal Reporting Suite.

Pivotal Analytics, offers a reporting suite subscription that provides on-demand market snapshots and detailed asset dashboards for any market and property in the US. Elevate your healthcare real estate expertise with these essential planning tools.


Reports Currently Available

​Market Report: delivers key insights for addressing care gaps across various specialties within any local U.S. market. It enables organizations to determine the necessary specialist numbers and types to fulfill local healthcare needs. Utilizing past utilization trends and projecting socio-demographic changes and future demands, it predicts the healthcare landscape over the next decade. This foresight allows providers to strategically plan, ensuring readiness for the healthcare industry's future requirements. View a Market Demand Report Sample

Property Report: delivers in-depth analysis of healthcare services at a particular locale, spanning multiple service lines. It outlines a detailed picture of the care providers, their service volume, revenue, and FTE status. Furthermore, the report benchmarks providers by procedure counts for comparative insights. It also sheds light on the distribution of business among various provider organizations within the facility, offering stakeholders a transparent view of market dynamics and performance metrics. View a Tenant Revenue Report Sample

Annual Reporting Suite Subscription Pricing

Base Price

2 Regions


Per User

2 Regions


  • Annual Subscription for each of the above reports

  • During the term of the subscription users may download licensed report(s) for any market or property in the US.  No annual report limit

  • License a second report and receive a 20% discount on the second report.

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